You’re probably wondering what the retreat will be like and how to plan. Feel free to email us at happydestinyretreat@gmail.com if you have more detailed questions.

When is the next weekend retreat?

April 19-21, 2024, 5 pm Friday to 11 am Sunday

What is the Camp Round Meadow address to put in my GPS?

14840 Manahan Road, Sabillasville, MD.
This is NOT a mailing address. 

What time should I arrive at the camp?

The retreat starts on Friday night at 5 pm and ends on Sunday morning at 11 am. Please do not arrive early as the committee will be busy setting up so you can have a great time!

Can I come for just Saturday?

Yes, but only if you are registered for the entire weekend. It is recommended that you participate for the entire weekend to fully benefit from the retreat experience. Please do not come up for a "visit" if you are not a registered participant.

What’s this about service work for participants?

Happy Destiny Retreat is guided by the spiritual principles of AA – we are fully self-supported including service work for all participants. Upon arrival, you’ll be asked to pick from our job jar to get your weekend assignment. Here are some task you might be doing: setting up for meals, preparing for meals, cleaning up the camp, or setting up for meetings and workshops. Each participant only does one assignment for the weekend, so you don't have to cook or clean up every day, just one time. If you have a physical limitation that we should know about, please email happydestinyretreat@gmail.com

What are sleeping arrangements?

There are 4 heated dorms in Camp Round Meadow with a maximum capacity of 30 people each. Each dorm has 2 separate bathrooms with hot showers and flush toilets. Electric outlets are provided in the bathrooms. Cots and mattresses are provided. Sleeping arrangements will be “first-come, first served.” (However, anyone with physical limitations should contact us in advance.)

Some of the cabins will be designated as “female only” or as “male only.” Others will be co-ed and, for those who are married or otherwise attached, some of the cots can be moved together, but others are built in the walls.

We are hoping that we will have warm weather, but spring nights can be chilly in the mountains – be sure to bring warm bedding and the appropriate clothing.

Can I camp in my own tent?

Tent camping is not permitted.

What Should I Bring?

What’s for dinner?

We believe that having great food was essential for our retreat. A light dinner will be served on Friday evening before the first meeting. Saturday features breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sunday we plan to serve only breakfast before the Retreat ends. Snacks and beverages will be available throughout the weekend at our hospitality area along with plenty of coffee.

I’ve got a special diet. Can you accommodate me?

Throughout the weekend, we will offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free choices in our menu selection. If you have food restrictions or need to bring your own food, please let us know.

I’d like to bring my children. Can I?

At this time, Happy Destiny Retreat is for adults only. We do not have the resources to accommodate children.

Are Pets Allowed?

No pets are allowed at the camp.

What about cell phone service or wireless hook-up?

The camp has a Verizon tower nearby. The park rangers tell us that usually only Verizon users get a signal. For those who might need it, there is a 24 hour emergency phone line for Camp Round Meadow.

How do I apply for a scholarship or partial scholarship?

Indicate your need on the registration form. The scholarships are awarded lottery style. We will contact you if your name was chosen from the hat. Alternatively, if you can only pay partially, let us know. We’ll do our best to accommodate you with our partial-scholarship fund.